Re-brand for Gem & Rock Show
We were asked to re-design and re-brand an identity for a conference, retail business or organization, while also creating an advertising campaign for our chosen company in my Design I studio class.
This is a re-brand for the Rock, Gem, and Mineral Shows Across America and the World. This traveling geological exhibition was desperately in need of a cohesive identity, making it a fun problem to solve.
*Their actual website:
**Student Project Fall 2011 
I wanted to shorten their name, make a colorful, contemporary brand that would appeal to all ages that attend this conference from 10-65+ and bring some punchiness to the usually perceived "dry" world of geology.

In the graphic logo, I wanted to illustrate both the faceted gemstone and the natural rocks and minerals were of equal importance at this exhibition. In the type dominant logo, the subheading can be personalized depending on where the show was being hosted, making it easier for locals to know where to visit in their city.
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